Battleford's and Area Nets List


Saskatchewan 2 Meter Net - Monday & Wednesday - 0300z

HF Nets

Amateur Radio HF Phone Nets Freq. Time
Alberta Public Service  3.700Mhz. 0130UTC Daily
B.C. Northern Net  3.775 Mhz. Sunday, Wednesday evenings at 0300 UTC
BC Public Service  3.729Mhz. 0130UTC Daily
Manitoba Public Service  3.747Mhz. 7 PM  CST Daily
Sask Public Service Net  3.735Mhz 0100 UTC Daily
Trans Canada Pow Wow Club (Oct1 to Apr.30)  3.750Mhz. 12am Daily ET
Aurora Net (Afternoon)  7.100Mhz. 23:00 UTC Daily
Aurora 2 Net (Evening)  7.100Mhz. 02:30 UTC Wed & Sun
Trans-Canada Net 14.140Mhz. 18:800 UTC Sundays & Stat Holidays

More Info on nets - RAC and ARRL