Battleford's Area Repeaters
(North Battleford & Battleford, Saskatchewan)

146.880 (-600)
Located aprox 8km south of Battleford

100% Emergency Power

Linked via IRLP - Use standard IRLP link codes. see below

147.240 (+600)
Located in the town of Battleford

Local coverage for Battleford and North Battleford
to improve handheld coverage. Normally linked to
the main 146.88 repeater.

(Map currently not available)

145.390 (-600)
Located at the Lizard Lake community pasture, aprox 60km southeast of Battleford
and 100km northwest of Saskatoon, it provides excellent coverage between the
Battlefords and Saskatoon.Operated by the Saskatoon Amateur Radio club.

* This map is for reference and shows coverage of an older repeater installation at the Lizard Lake site.